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Léah Renault – aka




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Legend has it that Lexie-T was already babbling in rhythm from birth, astounding those around her with her precocious presence. Today, right in her boots, she assumes her title of double champion of France of beatbox.


She meets the beautiful and big family of the beatbox during an initiation course in 2011. The beginning of a love story bound to last, since she suddenly discovers a gift and a growing interest for this fifth discipline of the hip-hop movement, often eclipsed by its four big sisters: rap, djing, graffiti and dance.

Then moved very fast and since 2013, solo or in group, she has been doing concerts and performances: Spraxy Ladies, female beatbox duo, Merta, acoustic rap group, Les Fables de Jean de les Egouts or Hexpress, a vocal group combining singing, rap and beatbox.


In her desire to share her experience and her technique, Lexie-T also leads initiation and improvement workshops for her practice, developing very effective educational learning concepts, allowing beginners to quickly produce remarkable rhythmic phrases. Today, Lexie-T is embarking on a new solo form, accompanied by hrt trusty loop station (machine for creating loops in real time). Beyond the beatbox, she plunges promisingly into writing syncopated and alliterative lyrics, dealing with the setbacks of her generation. She raps on her organic instrumentals, which she composes and decomposes in real time in front of an audience almost always seduced by her energy and by the love of her art, which she communicates to us most naturally, with an undeniable talent.

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