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Abraham a.k.a



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Growing up mith music from the day he was born, Abraham decided early on that he would dedicate his life to it. The Family Groove album, released in 2006, offers him his first steps as a composer/performer alongside his mother and his brothers.


Passionate about Hip-Hop, in 2009 he met several dance activists: Isabelle Clarençon, Vicelow, Wanted Posse. The music he had composed until now alone in his room, will find a growing echo in this environment. He has composed many soundtracks for Hip-Hop shows until today: Cie Kilaï, Black Sheep, BurnOut …


In Dunkirk, in 2011 he met Awir Leon and J.Kid with whom they formed UNNO. After three EPs and numerous concerts (Zenith de Lille, Printemps de Bourges, Great Escape, Taratata), this FAIR-winning group released its first album AMAAI on Nowadays Records.

At the same time, Abraham composed a few songs for Aloïse Sauvage (Ailleurs Higher , Aphone, Hiver Brûlant, and the beginnings of the eponymous title Dévorantes), and multiplies various and varied collaborations like Caramel & Chocolat worked in tandem with MC Philemon.


Over the years he has also become a DJ and that is when he first joined the Art-Track Company under in 2015. He became the DJ of the Lille company’s major event: the HIP HOP GAMES. Passionate about sharing and transmission and active in this field for more than ten years, he joined forces with Romuald Brizolier (founding dancer of Art-Track) to offer the HIP HOP GAMES SCHOOL training in France, Mayotte and Canada since 2017. He also practices dance alongside Marie Marcon for their joint project Age.


Today, after five beattapes dedicated to the dancers under the pseudo Tismé (Mimétisme, la série Magnétisme ), Abraham is working on his first major solo project: a musical cycle whose first appointment is the EP Tête dans les Nuages.

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