Cie Etra

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2018 HHG winners 

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ETRA is a dance company based in Paris created in 2017 at the initiative of Mellina Boubetra with the aim of deepening and enriching a research work, personnal initially, with several people. This work is quite simply the exploration of the body and its infinite variations of shapes and meanings but also of the links it can create with others. How can you renew your dance with your sensitivity, your experience, your imagination as the only tools? How to make it, in a way, an extension of a moment? These are the questions that aroused the curiosity of working together and generated the desire to discover, through the movement and the authenticity of each, tools, gateways to an interiority and a way of existing on stage. The company was awarded the Tremplin Trans’urbaines, the Hip Hop Games 2018 prize and the CCN de Créteil / Kalypso Festival 2019 prize. The company benefits also from the Gateway Label.


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Mellina Boubetra


Mellina started dancing in an MJC in Colombes where she comes from. She discovered Hip-Hop at a very young age and met her teacher Mohamed El Hajoui who decided to start a duo Second souffle of Jazz Rock and Locking. In 2006, they began their career in choreographic shows. After several years of studying biology, she decided at the end of 2015 to devote herself to dance. She enters through the gate of all-style battles and little by little turns towards creation. She joined John Degois’ Des pieds au mur companies for the show « De bois et… » in 2016.

In 2017, she met Andrew Skeels for the piece « Finding Now » and in 2018 the Dyptik company for « Le Cri ».

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Katia Lharaig


Katia began her career as a dancer at a very young age in Grenoble, her hometown, with academic dances. It was in her teenage years that she turned to hip-hop dances. After a literary artistic baccalaureate with a dance option, she joined the EPSE training center. Her dual curriculum Performer and State diploma allows her to teach in Paris since 2010 and simultaneously to work in several companies such as Cie Fractal de Pepito in 2011, that of Dominique Lisette, Relief or even that of Anthony Egea, Rêvolution , in 2014 on the show « Bliss ». Since 2015, Katia has also worked in the world of all style and electro battles. Recently, she joined the Saint-Etienne company Dyptik on the shows « D-Construction » and « Dans engrenage ». Along with her work as an interpreter, she embarked on choreography and started the 131 company. « 

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Allison Faye


Graduated in Graphic Art from La Cambre, Allison, already interested in questions of narration and language, decides to invest her own body, and then turns to dance in order to learn, experiment and decompartmentalize her artistic practice. She briefly went through the International Dance Academy, then fed on various workshops (Gaga, Peeping Tom, Inaki Azpillaga, Eddy Aroyan, Nina Dipla, Martha Moore, Régine Chopinot…). She also participates in the training in dance and choreographic practices set up by Charleroi Danse, and thus trained with Boris Charmatz, Marco Berrettini, Robyn Orlin, Benoit Lachambre.

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Fiona Pincé


Originally from Marseille, Fiona started dancing at a very young age. State certified dance teacher at the age of 22, she will follow an additional year of training at the International Dance Academy in Paris and will integrate the Young European Ballet there. She will immediately work with the dancer and choreographer, Yaman Okur on two of her projects, « Rock it all » alongside Brahim Zaibat and « Star cross’d lovers » alongside the Labèque sisters. It is as a result of this that she will nurture a particular interest in groundwork which she will develop and enrich during workshops in Belgium.


From 2015 she will perform in many shows, such as, « Peter Pan the never ending story » choreographed by Martino Muller, « Jesus de Nazareth à Jerusalem » by Pascal Obispo, « We Will Rock you » at the Casino de Paris and most recently at Disneyland Paris for the creation of The Lion King and the rhythms of the earth. She attaches importance to diversity and enjoys working around several disciplines, her varied career has allowed her to join the ETRA Company in 2019 as a replacement.

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Rachel Cazenave


Born in a village of 41 inhabitants, Rachel grew up in the Pyrenees mountains. As a child, between two potions concocted in her parents’ garden, she runs between dance, theater and music classes. When she was 18, she moved to Bordeaux, where after a few years of training in dance, she turned to the circus to move her mother, fund of lanterns and caravans.


Fascinated by complex universes, she seeks her own: a world around a small house, where time and space are often reversed, accompanied by her bird-guard, dresses and arms that are too big. … Always with attention to detail. She co-founded the company Le Cirque Jafarson in 2015, then the company Garde Partagée in 2019. She also integrates several dance, circus & theater companies.

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