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2016 HHG winners 

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Founded in 2016, and based in Senegal, Compagnie La Mer Noire is a professional company formed by emerging dancers and choreographers from the new generation of young African talents. Today, it is the result of a pooling of energies, passion and creativity put together for an artistic purpose.

The Company was quickly built through the creation of shows, transmission activities, and artistic projects combining various disciplines, to become a recognized professional structure of the Hip Hop environment in Senegal.

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Pierre-Claver BELLEKA, dit « DEXTER » (Liberia/Centrafrique)


Born in Liberia, Pierre-Claver Belleka exiles himself at a young age, migrating between many African countries due to political conflicts. In 2006, his discovery of the Krump dance style allowed him to develop a particular gesture, inspired by the concept of animality, spirituality and various experimental dances. After winning many competitions, he quickly became a reference in the Hip Hop dance scene in Senegal.

His first participations in international competitions are highly noticed (Most Valuable Player Hip Hop Games 2015, Semi-finalist International Illest Battle 2015 and 2016). After attending the professional dance education program Sunu Street in Senegal, his gradual engagement in performance and choreography opened him up to other horizons and artistic disciplines.


Spotted for multi-artistic projects outside of Senegal (France, Denmark, South Africa), including working for well-known brands (such as Guinness, H&M), he illustrates himself as a semi-finalist for the TV show “Africa has an incredible talent” in 2016. Recently in 2019 he wins one of the selections of the Battle Opera, judged by Marie-Claude Pietragalla. Today, he represents the African continent in several international competitions (Belgium, Netherlands, Russia, Cote d’Ivoire, to name a few) as well as in dance pieces and artistic productions.

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Khoudia Touré (Sénégal)


A leading figure in the “underground” hip-hop dance scene, pioneering Senegalese street dancer, performer and choreographer Khoudia Touré is noted for her passion for dance, adventurous spirit and commitment to enriching dance in Africa. After a training in Modern Jazz, its during her childhood in Senegal, that Khoudia Toure turns passionate about the energy of Hip Hop dance. In 2004, her college studies bring her to France, then to the UK and USA, where she uses this occasion to learn and train with some of the pioneers of Hip Hop and Housedance.


In 2012, she decides to return to her African roots in Senegal with the aim to share the knowledge she gathered during her travels, and to participate in the momentum of the street culture in her hometown. In 2014, she is a co-founder and project manager of the professional dance education project Sunu Street, funded by the European Union. As a freelance artistic director, she initiates several artistic projects mixing dance with other art forms (such as “Voyages, Images et Corps” between Senegal and Cameroon). She is selected in 2018 as the Protégée for Dance for the Rolex Mentors and Protégés Arts Initiative, under the mentorship of renowned choreographer Crystal Pite. Toure created the non-profit Association Maggando, to help promote urban dance in Senegal. She is also a freelance artistic director and gained recognition in numerous international street dance competitions, such as the worldwide Hip hop tournament Juste Debout, where she won the first ever preselection held in Africa in Abidjan in March 2019.

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Kirsner Tsengou Dingha (The Republic of Congo)


Kirsner Tsengou Dingha grows up in the Democratic Republic of Congo. After moving to Senegal, he discovers Hip Hop culture and begins his training with the pioneers breakdance groups.


In 2010, he joins the dance company “Rev’Olution” directed by French choreographer Anthony Égea for which he performs in the dance piece “Rage”, successfully touring in several cities of Europe and Africa. He also develops as an event organizer by founding the local association SenegalBattles, and the annual dance festival  »Fest’art Tracks » that counts today with more than 10 editions.

Between 2014 and 2016, he follows professional training and education programs in dance and choreography (Sunu Street professional training and Ecole des Sables).

His encounters with new experiences, his travels, and his openness to various dance styles allow him to develop his own technique in an original new dimensions.

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Alioune Sow (Sénégal)


Growing up in the Kaolack region in Senegal, Alioune discovers urban dance in the streets of Dakar. He deepens his knowledge by attending the professional dance education Sunu Street between 2015 and 2016, with a specialization in the Choreography course.

This marks the beginning of a successful performance in several national competitions, such as the National Battle of Senegal that he won in 2017 in the Hip Hop category. That same year, he performs in Ivory Coast for the semi-finals of the TV show “Africa has an incredible talent”.

He opens up more and more to choreography, performance and shows by integrating the Artea dance company, fulfilling his universe with Modern Jazz, gospel and traditional African

He engages towards several knowledge-sharing and education activities in Senegal, and joins La Mer Noire in 2018.

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