HHGc Denmark 2016

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HHGC is an innovative dance event which has been specifically designed to create connection between Battle and choreographic performance. Improvisation is the core principle of HHGC. It enables dancers to push their limits, to reveal new facets of their potential and to experiment art transdiciplinarity. On stage, four teams of dancers compete in a series of judged events or trials attended by many special guests.


The HHGc DENMARK winning team will be selected to the HHGc International Final which will take place on the 26th of November 2016 in Lille, and will meet teams from France, La Réunion, Belgium and Senegal…

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Winning Team

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  • Ali Haydar
  • Malik Kiral
  • Oliver Gbabre Zohore Bergstedt
  • Emilie Brooklyn Holte

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  • Elias Fernando Said Saleh
  • Amund Lindvang Bentsen
  • Simone Ballan
  • Maji Claire Ngamije

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  • Ayub Ali Abdulkadir
  • Casper Preisler
  • Lotfi Attia
  • Anastasija Olescuka

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  • Mikael Santana Moreno Jensen
  • Bobby Atiedu
  • Egil Cebrero Løberg
  • Emilio Sanchez

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Marie Kaae – House

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Phax – Slow motion

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Noora Hannula – Contemporain

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Ben Wichert – Hip Hop

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TRIAL 1 : Varied Playlist (Solo)


A duel between HHGc Dj and a dancer from each team. An unknown and random playlist spins.  The challenger has to create an evolutive character to share a story through the different tracks.


MVP : Bobby / Familia Loca


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TRIAL 2 : Accessory Wheel (Duo)


A duo from each crew faces the famous accessory wheel. They start improvising on tracks (DJ) and Beatbox. Then, the mysterious object appears on stage…


MVP : Anastasija & Ayub Ali / Strawhat

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TRIAL 3 : The Source (Solo)


A guest artist starts his/her creation on stage…Everything is permitted: accessories, costumes, support, etc. Then the challenger must join and improvise with the artist and hie/her universe.


MVP : Elias / Nomadic Soul & Noora Hannula (Artist guest)

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TRIAL 4 : Versus Beatbox (Solo)


Blackadopo, HHGc beatboxer steps forward… He invites one dancer of each crew to join him. Let’s improvise on his beats and flow during 2 minutes !


MVP : Ali Hayder / Floating Point

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TRIAL 5 : Scenography (Crew)


The space transformed with different scenery elements. Each crew explore this new playground to offer an acrobatic jam session.


MVP : Familia Loca

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A « carte blanche ». Each crew is able to explode and reveal to the audience their true potential. A show, a piece of creation, a moment dedicated to their own universe.


MVP : Floating Point

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